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Mike Chitty

Good post Imran. You are right about citizens expecting the leadership to just 'get things right'. Yes please to a buoyant economy, reduced debt, cohesive communities and a sustainable low carbon future. The manifestos will promise all of these things and more. But they, the politicians, can not deliver. It is not about an elected few designing a better future. It is about all of us stepping up and doing our bit for ourselves and our neighbours.

Greta communities urban or rural arise when people with personal, self interested dreams, learn to how to associate and collaborate for mutual gain. Clarity of self interest matters. As does power. From them springs association, mutuality and progress.

Elected officials need to fathom how best they can 'foster the bazaar' instead of trying to design and build cathedrals to consumption like Clarence Dock. To stop trying to engage us in their cunning plans, but engaging themselves in our hopes and dreams.

Less of a local authority please and more of a local facilitator!


Thanks Mike, I'm generally optimistic about a culture of self-organisation taking root, though I'm not so sure that it leads to 'cathedrals of self'

I like the idea of a "Office of Good" or "Ministry of the Future" to help citizens imagine what their city or community could be :)

What say we just go ahead and create our own visions for government and community...why are we waiting for a heroic council to deliver it?


Have you seen the sustainable architecture exhibition happening in The Light this week? They have local architecture students looking at just this type of stuff. I'm sure they'd love to get involved in more local & real world projects.

Imran Ali

Thanks for that...looks interesting and maybe something to bring to the OpenLeeds project :)

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