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I think the point of the floppy disk image is logical. Somewhere the data is being written to a physical 'disk' even if that is in a sequential or logical database.

The 'cloud' is actually a thin client sitting on a huge relational database.

And as that is the case- your post is fluff.


Is this just about the icon used or what? You have to save state declarativly, or do a Google wave and "save" modifications in a diff like timeline. The icon is irrelevant.


It's more about the underlying metaphor, not necessarily the tech or icon. I guess freezing something on a timeline is appropriate…

That also gives rise to some interesting questions on whether the same metaphors are useful for moving around that timeline.


I guess as a developer I have a very different view to "normal" web users. I live in a version controlled environment, everything is a snapshot on a timeline, whether is the VCS or application activity history type logs (like the UNDO buffer but more powerful)

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