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Mark Ng

Thanks for your part in organising the excellent BarCampLeeds2008, and your very kind write up of my panel on bootstrapping local tech communities.

It was very interesting how there were two different groups looking to get different things out of that discussion, and, of course, those interests were in no way contradictory.

Just like to point out one thing though - I'm not responsible for Dorset Digital - the excellent Stephen Wolff should take credit for that. I have, however, been somewhat, but not entirely responsible for dotdorset. I'm also the loudest geek that Dorset has for the moment :P.

Imran Ali

Thanks Mark - it was a great discussion. I'd planned to run a discussion on the future of the North, but actually your take on coming at it from a community that was less mature gave us all a chance to reflect on where we are and where we'd like to be.

Tom Hughes-Croucher

I had great time Imran. You have a fantastic community in Leeds, it was lovely to meet you all and see what everyone is up to.


do you have any plans for something similar this year ?

Imran Ali

Yes we do - http://barcampleeds2010.eventbrite.com - this weekend :)

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