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Peter Childs

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic camp - and have an exciting vision for your region.

It was a pity the DemoCamp portion didn't work. If you, or Dom has the time I wouldn't mind learning what you were using, as well as any suggestions to fix the issues.

Connecting camps is such a cool, and long term useful, idea.

Glen Hopkinson

My first BarCamp and wasn't disappointed. Good work you guys!

Maz Hardey

My first ever BarCamp and so it seems appropriate that this was outside of the London belt! And I am so please that I participated! This was not just about attendance, but encouraged participation, feedback, chatback and even voting! You can't get more Web 2.0 or 'un-conferency' than that!

I'm more than looking forward to getting involved with more events 'up north' and anticipating future BarCamps.

If you didn't come you missed out; if you did i'll see you at the next one! :)

Ian Green

Get rid of the lialic background for Allah's sake - you are ruining my eyesight. Nice blog otherwise. Black on white is good


Leeds Barcamp? Cool.

As for flailing regeneration projects of Bradford, well, when I was there last what struck me was that the stuff that's now being knocked down is the first wave of regeneration; the old stuff is doing just fine.

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