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Perfect! This *has* to come to DC.

Tarique Naseem

I love it! They drive a camper van not dissimilar to the Scoobydoo van! :)


Hi, mate!
I'm desiring to see this film asap. I really love zombies, but I think that possibly zombies aren't the main course of this film. The red-necks canibals in Islamabad Chainsaw Massacre are the main antagonists of the five teens.

Have you seen it?

Have a nice day and cheers from Spain.


I haven't I'm afraid - I'd love to see it, simply because I've yet to see an Indian or Pakistani movie that's *not* romantic!


Hey, Imran, and what about "Chalta Purza"? A silent film from 1932: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0155600/

Its aka titles are: "Passing show" and "The zombie".

Do you know this film?



I'm afraid I don't!

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