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Adam Bardsley

I thought your comment on Open data was really interesting it was a shame people didn't go with it.

I would say although we did focus around specific web techs some of the talks (like the openID one) did start looking at what this could mean and moved more into the realms of identity and ownership that just the current trends around openID

I hope BarcampLeeds is a goer as I am really looking forward to the next event. Been thinking about running on over in the north west


It was great to meet you Imran! Hope to see you again soon.

Dominic Hodgson

The presentation was done on a whim and really wasn't saved, sorry if I embarrassed you I just wasn't expecting that when I was talking to you.

Lets Get BarCampLeeds up and running, I'm up for helping you with the organization if you want, Ill also prepare a couple more presentations in my head. ill add some things to the wiki with your permission since you started it :)

Cheers Dom


Hey Dom- I felt more bad for you! Anyways, I'd love a copy of your session if you still have it.

I'm gonna speak to a few people about BarCamp Leeds this week - however in the meantime you should come along to OpenCoffee Leeds - http://upcoming.yahoo.com/group/3140/.

Dominic Hodgson

I am there!

Dean Sadler


glad you enjoyed it.

looks forward to seeing you again in the near future and i'll definitely be up for BarCampLeeds :-)


Ian Green

Put me down for BarCampLeeds. Good post by the way


Thanks Ian - I hope you'll be able to help with BarCamp Leeds :)

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