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okay, I love the "I'm listening to" Kylie in the side there.. much respect.

Imran Ali

LOL - ok, the Qu'ran and Kylie is perhaps an odd juxtaposition of East and West...but then I do exist in both worlds :)


Hi Imran... have you been following the work of Genevieve Bell? She's an anthropologist that works for Intel, who as been looking at 'auspicious computing' - the spirtual application of technology.

Also: seen this?


Sameer Khan


I am in the process of compiling a CD containing all soorahs of the Quraan (MP3) in the voice of sudais. I also looked at some Cds available in Oman. But all of them seem to be a combo of Sudais & SHuraim.

then I came across Mangga which seems to have all in the voice of Sudais (no other site which I visited has it although some do advertise it). But on downloading I found that some soorahs came across as bad zip files or part of multi disc sets.

I badly need Soorahs 10, 24,26,28,30,40,48,58.

When I read on your blog that you have downloaded all the soorahs . well I felt that you could perhaps help me out. I sent a message to the site administrators but no response.

Can you guide me as to how I can download them properly?



Muhammad Karolia

i also downloaded from manga and have downloaded the full quraan using the software called flashget, i have in the voice of sudais and shuraim, i am not aware of a corrupt zip file all files are ok i think u should try again

ramadhan mubarak to all brothers and sisters out there


brother i find it a shame that we can disrespect our noble quraan in this way. we can speak about music and musicians next to an article about quraan, yet we want to fight and wage war against the kuffar for displaying Caricatures of our beloved prophet. don't you have respect for our noble deen.
brother REPENT to ALLAH and ask his forgiveness, may ALLAH have mercy on you


Zakariya, I think you fundamentally misunderstand the nature and intent of my post. In my suggestions I'm seeking to understand where technology and human invention can help to further the message of our faith.

I don't believe it is Haram or un-Islamic to add recitations of the Qu'ran to an iPod. This is not disrespectful.

The Qu'ran has been transmitted and preserved in human memory, on paper, cassette and now in digital form. If anything, it's our *responsibility* to ensure the Qu'ran remains available in all forms and to reach all those who wish to understand its message.

I want to use digital technologies, media, mobility and the web to help keep Islam close to us - if we can't speculate on what the nature of that may be, then our Faith will further stagnate. This is not Bid'ah, it is Dawa.

And please do not jump to conclusions about the quality of my faith...that's between me and Allah :)


hello brother, please send me the 114 surahs inshallah


assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh hu,

can you send me the surahs inshaAllah

jazakAllah Khair :]


assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,brother
can you please send me the surahs.
i have been urgently looking for the complete quraan by Sheikh Sudais and other imaams.
can you recommend any sites to download other immams and translation


free download converter hijri-grigorian dates


Asalamu Alakum Brothers And Sisters. I Am Trying To Find A Website I Can Download All 114 Surahs So I Can DOWNLOAD Them To My IPOD. Please Help Me, Its Very Important! I like Shaikh As Sodais Voice A Lot. Hes So Clear And Soothing. If You Can Help Me Out, Please Email Me As Soon As Possible! Thank You. Happy Ramadan And Asalamu Alakum!


I would love it if you could send me the 114 surahs! Loving the cellophane, btw. =)


please send me all 114 surrahs



It would be awesome if you could send me the 114 surahs. Also if everyone can pray to Allah for my mother she recently got in a car accident and is in the hospital right now. She is currently pralyzed shoulders down. I pray and ask Allah everyday to give her good health, so I ask you to do the same. her name is Dzemila(Jamila)

if you can send the surahs to [email protected] that would be great


salams could you please send me 114 surahs so i can download them to my ipod. thanks allafis


can u also please send my the 114 surahs in mp3 file format


salam brothers and sisters. i will like to download all 114 surahs of the holy quran. so im looking for a website in where i can find all those. i like to hear as sudais


wag1. haw r u. hope ur all blessed. and also happy £!d mub@r@k to all my muslim brothers and sistaz.
i wuld like to download all 114 surahs


There seems to be a lot of demand for the Surah's, which is great.

Imran and I are currently working on an online Islamic service called Believr. As part of this service we will be releasing each Surah as a separate podcast.

So, please bear with us for a week or so until we go live with the first (alpha) version. :)


can u plzz send me 114 surahs so i can put i on my ipod and inshallah try to memorize some jazakallah



plz can u send me the 114 suras?

ramadam mubark

Shamim Rahman

Please can i have 114 surahs. I am a convert
and i woulld like a copy in english.

zainab mohammed

pls cn i hv 114 surah on my email addresss jazakallah

Adan Mirza

Plz Can i have the Quran Recitation oF Shaikh As Saudias on ma e mail id


Assalamualikum wr.wb.
I would like to have the beutiful recite of the holly Qur'an by Shayk Abd.Rahman As sudais. Please can You send me to my email address for All 114 Surah.

Jazakallahu khairan khatsiran


can someone please send me a copy...
[email protected]

Karl Fraser

Plz could you send me a copy of the 114 surahs.


can u please send me the 114 surahs in file format and i can burn it on a cd


i would love a copy for my family to listen to my children more so in the car and the home as they are younge they will learn quick


plz can u send me the 114 suras?

Yaseen Al-Mentz

Asalaam-alaikum brother, could you please send me all 114 surahs so i can also download them to my i-pod. Jazakallah Khairun.


Good input Imran! Keep it up!

I am also compiling surats of quran in a site. I want to make it as a site where you can find different recitaton of a surah, tajweed, etc. I think it is better to keep it distributed as this enhances content creation over time.

Here the link to the site:


Asak, would you be so kind to send to me also, IA I will be making journey to Hajj in the next few weeks and so would love to have copy to download to my ipod, WS

guled muse

please may i have a copy of the 114 quran ipod thanks a lot

mohd salman

pls can i hv 114 surah on my email address
mohd salman

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