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Sarah Copeland

There are so many inspirational community activists out there, and always have been. I love hearing about these stories, but the whole concept of the big society leaves me feeling cold. Claiming some form of catalytic empowerment is, I'm sure, on the political agenda for the originators of this particular term, and yet it has always been there.

I hardly ever watch TV either, usually only when there's ironing to be done! But I have to say programs like DIY SOS fill a lovely half hour of inspiration; comfort-TV at its best!

Imran Ali

The politicisation of 'big society' is problematic, but I think the underlying volunteerism and its new web-enablement means that something *is* different right now.

For government its a reductive exercise in making the state smaller; not necessarily a good thing. But for individuals it has the potential for expansive, permanent activism.

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