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Ed Downs

I agree that open source software is only one part of a much larger interest in things being "open" . To my mind this bigger picture is stressing the gains that can be made through co-operation, collaboration, "bottom up", "community focussed" initiatives and include open publishing especially for academic knowldedge, and on towards "open society". This is not so new. These things have always been present alongside and essential to hieracrchical structures. What I feel is happenning now is shift in emphasis, a re-balancing.
Pragmatically, if the tide is going towards more openess, then there are opportunities of all sorts. The meeting last week was, for me, trying to see what might be done in the relatively small area of software and economic development. If this can become wider and still achieve some results, or be one of several similar initiatives, so much the better.

Paul Miller


it's great to see bodies such as the RDAs engaging here, and I agree that a significant requirement is for the nurturing of some incisive thought leadership.

As you suggest, open source has arrived. The wider issues around open data, around necessary licensing of those data, and around the creative thinking required to show businesses that there are *other* ways to generate revenue atop an accessible data ecosystem are where the attention needs to turn, and it's something we're trying to push from Talis...


Thanks Ed, perhaps its useful to divide the group into two tracks - one on pragmatism, the other on thought leadership.

Paul, I agree - the fact that RDAs and education are involved is a huge and positive step. Shall we take more about Open Data?

Paul Miller

Imran - I'd be keen to.

Ed Downs

It seems that we are considering
a) bringing a major international OS conference to the NoE
b) seeking ways of expanding the commercial OS market (for the benefit of suppliers and customers), and
c) thought leadership in terms of open data and beyond.


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